A bike named KINDNESS

You, me and kindness. We will go on an adventure. I am starting a 3000km tandem bike adventure through New Zealand, from Cape Reinga in the North to Bluff in the South. I will be picking up others along my way to join me in this expedition that combines the simplicity of biking with the fun twist of riding a tandem bike. This will be a unique experience for both old and young to go on an adventure through the beautiful country of New Zealand.

I'll be inviting random strangers and friends to take up the rear seat and help pedal for a cause. During the ride, I will be listening to their stories and sharing about the campaign. My goal is to connect with people at a more meaningful level and sharing about these young children who do not have freedom, a story that would make people care, really CARE.

When the riders step off the bike, I hope they will return home as advocates and do their part to help raise awareness, finding others to contribute to the cause. What will it take to see a world without slavery? All of us.



  • To all the courageous, inspiring, relentless and kind hearts,
  • To the high school students raising money in your community,
  • To the mothers handing out flyers and spreading awareness,
  • To my fellow runners, cyclists, mountaineers and daredevils pushing limits.

No matter who you are or what you do, come join me. I would love to know your story and share mine. Let's fight against human trafficking and impact a life, wherever it is!

I will be carrying SPOT GPS Tracker. You will be able to track where "Kindness" is :)

(Link will be updated after Jan 16)



  • Make presentations at schools, universities to raise awareness about trafficking and encourage them to fight and do their part. At the end of the presentation, I will invite the school principal/teacher or a student to join me for the ride and pedal however far they wish to go.
  • Speak at churches, libraries and other non-profts to fundraise for the cause.
  • Interviews for media outlets


  • If you have ridden Kindness:

    • I would have handed you an envelope (postage paid). Please write a message expressing your support and post it. These will be mailed to our supporting partners at the end of the campaign. The words you write are a solid expression of "Standing with" those affected by human trafficking and exploitation.
    • Please make a donation. Every dollar counts.
  • Spread the word and raise awareness about the cause in your community and social media networks.


After the ride, I will be sharing stories from the open road at an event in Auckland and express my gratitude to all the riders and donors for the cause. Above all, "Kindness" tandem bike would be up for auction and the proceeds will go towards #StandWithHer campaign. 

Let's spread kindness to the world.